A Call for Assistance with the Reconstruction of Mosul

The Mosulis finished reconstructing about %65 of Bab Al-Sarayi and Al-Attarin markets, and portions of the old city. At this point, they exhausted their resources and cannot complete their reconstruction efforts. The reconstruction supervisor in-charge told me that “we need the organizations to assist us with protection covering of the markets to protect the stores of direct sunlight and rain as it used to be prior the war”

You all may visit the construction sites at the markets and arrange a direct contact with supervisor in-charge there.


  1. Is this a request for funding? Or a request for materials?

    If for materials, can Mosul receive container shipments? If less than a container, will there be port-to-Mosul supervision of materials?

    In the past, I videoed movements of contributions via container from the United States to the port of Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa. Very difficult to clear Mombasa. The container then continued west to Nairobi where we transferred materials to trucks for transport into the highlands of Kenya.

    That is why I ask the questions of funding versus material transport.

  2. Again, money or materials? Or labor?

    And a suggestion. Monday and Tuesday, 24th and 25th of September, I will video interviews with solar power manufacturers in Anaheim, California. Is it possible to find sponsors in the solar power industry? To rebuild Mosul with the old technology of oil and centralized power would ignore the opportunity to power the new Mosul with cheap, immediate electricity independent of distant power stations. And the money not sent to the distant power authority would remain in Mosul for the economy of the people of Mosul.

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