Mosul – The Immolation offered on the National Unity Altar

If the destruction of Mosul is provided as a price for the Iraqi Unity, and to build its national comprehensive identity, then it is quite a sacrifice Mosul is providing to reconstruct it. That is what the late legislative election in Iraq is telling us. On the grounds of this city, Iraqis from all ethnicities and sects shed their blood to gain it back from the forces of darkness … Yazidis, Turkmen, Kurds, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Sunnies, and Shiites, offered their ultimate sacrifice to bring back Iraq’s national unity.

Iraq before latest Mosul crisis is completely different than today’s Iraq after Mosul’s liberty. Today, we hear louder voices seeking Iraq’s national unity, and Mosul’s ordeal proved that Iraq is weak without this city and its people, and it is a cornerstone in the the reconstruction of a national voice.

Therefore, we invite the political and social elites in Mosul to invite the political clusters, lead by Mr Muqtada Al-Sadr and Haider Al-Abadi and the leaders of the political clusters, to meet in Mosul and declare their government on this city’s land, in honor of the sacrifices the Iraqis provided to liberate it, and to rebuild a new social and solid covenant that protects our national unity, prevents any divisions, and to dismantle the sectarian voice once and for all.

Mosul said “welcome to Iraq” and proved it during the 2018 election. Therefore, anyone seeks division and sectarianism in Mosul is never welcomed, and anyone seeks unity and reconstruction is welcomed in this city.

Mosul provided a profound lesson to all in morals, unity, politics, and nationalism, and the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice can answer you all, so do the families who lost their homes, the children who got displaced, the women who shed their tears for their loses, and the demolished Old City.

We are providing Mosul with its leaning minaret, its ancient heritage, and its displaced people, a sacrifice on the Altar of the National Unity and we say “We Accept the Sacrifice”

Hence, we invite all the pan Iraqi pages, lead by Basra Page, to begin supporting this rising national voice, and revive the national bonds among Mosul, Baghdad, and Erbil, Iraq’s three main wilayat, with the rest of their genuine sister cities from Zakho to Al-Faou.

And again, Welcome to all of Iraq

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