Christmas returns to Mosul

I learned that his holiness the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon and the Head of the Chaldean Catholic Church patriarch Luis Rafael I. Sako will perform the Christmas sermon at the Church of Our Lady in Mosul. This is one of the exciting news for Mosul and its people.

The church’s bells will ring, and the surrounding mousques will call where all Mosul’s worshipping places have lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years, and will carry on with peace for generations to come as they always were, different sects and religions,, lived next to each other without conflicts.

Bashir Al-Ssaqal is one of Mosul’s prominent clergymen where the Church of Our Lady clergy were very close friends, more than other. He used to intervene as delegate to resolve any conflicts that occur amongst the people of Mosul. This is the face of Mosul that Mosul needs to be recognized with, where different religions live side by side in peace where religion does not make any difference in their relations with one another, and with tolerance where the poised do not meddle with the non-poised, for the freedom of belief and speech is granted and guaranteed for all. Yet, the best is to witness all take their part in rebuilding the city and stabilize it.

I also known Father Najib Michael, Our Lady church curator, and I know his efforts in protecting the church that is not only a Christian landmark, but also a precious Mosuli symbol. I hope that he will go back to his beloved Mosul during this sermon, as he always likes to call Mosul.

With Love



  1. I hope peace returns to Iraq. Once a great civilization and sacred land is now a war zone. Deeply hurt to see what happens to such historic treasure.
    Hope to see the blossom of love and knowledge again from Iraq.

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