A Message to Human Rights Watch

To: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International

Re: Provocative Assaults on the civilians at Hammam Al-Alil IDP camp

Mosul Eye observed sexual assaults committed by members of Ali Al-Akbar brigade militia, other militia members, as well as some members of the federal police and a militia known as “Fursan Al-Jubur” in the past few weeks.

Several members of those militias committed sexual assaults on young girls in Hammam Al-Alil IDP camp. They also harass and blackmail women after forcefully detaining their male relatives in a very aggressive and humiliating security check where men are separated from their families and falsely detain them with false accusations for very long hours in disgraceful conditions, subjecting children and youngsters to torturous conditions and blackmailing women as well. 
We have witnesses who witnessed those heinous incidents and the necessary actions must be taken seriously and actively against the offenders and immediately stop the assaults against the Mosuli women.


  1. […] Another group accused of committing these crimes is notorious Fursan Al-Jubur (The Knights of Al-Jubur), group belonging to Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri an Iraqi parliament member. Fursan Al-Jubur has also been accused of assaulting citizens and looting their homes in Al-Tayaran and Al-Jawsaq districts. Besides sexually assaulting women the aforementioned groups have falsely detained men for several hours in horrible conditions and then harassed and blackmailed women. Full Mosul Eye’s statement can be found here. […]

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