Dec. 4th ….

​I’m writing today and I am away from Mosul, away from my love. I was compelled to leave my beloved city, and I have no idea if I will ever go back one day, maybe not .. but I left behind me a city that death has hijacked its soul and people.

I left my city seeking the old wisdom, in the hope’s to find a cure to cure whas is damaged of its soul.

The last scene my eyes lied on was a corpse hanging of a power pole.

I tried to lool behind me to have my last glimpse of the city, but I didn’t dare to look back .. I was telling myself that this maybe the last time and I want to save the last scene of the city in my eyes

Yes, I am safe now, but my heart and soul are back in Mosul.

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  1. I am happy that you are safe now. I hope this nightmare ends so quickly as posible with the least posible suffering and damage for all the inocent people. Take care.

  2. Our family has been praying for you. We rejoice in knowing you are safe and continue to pray for the others still in danger or need.

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