Two years of perseverance, and still going

​Quietness and calm are still dominant in Mosul. I will not write about fear tonight. I will write about my dreams that might not happen, may be not in my life time, because they remain dreams and imaginations, and I very well know that the greatest inventions were born from imaginations.

I listen to Itzhak Perlman, and learn about his wonderful relationship with his instrument, The Soil Stradivarius, that was made by the Italian Antonio Stradivari, I have always asked myself how a human being is capable of creating such a beauty from the ruins. Hence, Perlman’s, Yehudi Menuhin’s and Richard George Strauss’s concertos were there for me

I remember when I come back home after hours of wondering Mosul’s streets to witness ISIL absurdity and the destruction that ravaged the city, nothing could have helped me more than listening to those concertos, lighting a candle, resting on my chair and listening to Yehudi Menuhin playing “Mozart’s Violin concerto No. 3”. Only this what was keeping me alive and gives me the feeling that I can continue to stay alive.

But many times, those tracks fail to make me feel safe, so I used to rush to Mussorgsky playing “Pictures at an Exhibition”, only this was what brings confidence to my heart. All this happened at the heart of ISIL’s world, at the heart of a city ruled by Khilafa. In the heart of all of this, I used to turn to those great musicians to help me restore my faith and my peace.

May be Mosul will be liberated during this week, maybe the week after, maybe in a month, or two, but in the end, Mosul will be liberated .

I dream of establishing an Opera house in Mosul, and a music and ballet school. I dream to see the art of sculpting grows in the city, and dream to see all sorts of sculptures spreading all over Mosul. I have always wished to see that in my lifetime

Maybe all what it takes is a bit of patience. I wish to see all of it in my lifetime. Can you imagine what it means to establish an Opera house in Mosul? That means we lighten up the torch of life on the very land Khilafa wanted turn it into the land of death, the very land Khilafa wanted to extinguish its life.

What motivates me the most now is that over the past couple of years, I resisted, persevered, and fought Khilafa with words and music

May peace be upon Mosul

May peace be upon the people of Mosul



I would love to leave you with those lyrics that go perfectly with what an how I feel now

Written by: Eugene Vaknansky

Schindler’s List Theme lyrics

Mommy, Daddy,

Don’t you be frightened,

It will be alright.

You don’t have to say You’re sorry

Please don’t think that I’m worried

We will never ever grow apart

They will never ever take my heart

They will never ever take my heart

Mommy, Daddy I still hear you

Through the falling dew

You are the gentle touch I’m feeling

And you are strength I use for healing

Please just know I’ve managed to survive

And within my heart you are still alive

And within my mind you are still alive

In the silence of the night

I recall all your lullabies

Silent songs that you would sing

Wiping tears, wiping tears from my eyes

All the world was up in flames

Endless lists full of countless names

Yet, each single face I saw

Wanted Peace

Wanted Hope

Wanted Life …

All the world had kept on burning

Burning all in sight

Countless dreams that had been shattered

All the lives that had been scattered

Mommy, Daddy we will never part

I still hear your lullabies today

All your love I carry in my heart

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  1. I am far from you, Sir, thousands of kilometers, in Paris, “safe”, but i feel close to you through your words, sure i can’t even imagine what means living in the center of the ISIL’s hell as you do since those 2 years, but i understand what you say about music and “fight Khilafa with words and music”……I have a great respect for your courage, wich is not to be defeated inside, to stay and stand up, and resist by writing and witnesses as you do…I talked about your blog to friends of mine, some press talked about you, too, you are not speaking in the silence nor playing violin in an empty hall, we are listening….All i hope is you and your family will be safe for the next days until Mosul’s liberation, and that your dreams become real…
    Now i’m gonna pray for you, may love and compassion protect you.

  2. Hi, again from CNN.
    Trying to write about you for our website.
    Sent you a questions twice. PLEASE, if you can, answer. But be safe.

    Moni Basu |
    • One CNN Center | Atlanta, Georgia 30303
    • 404.827.1201 (o) | 404.217.1235 (m)

    [] [] []

    From: Mosul Eye <>
    Reply-To: Mosul Eye <>
    Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 10:30 PM
    To: Moni Basu <>
    Subject: [New post] Two years of perseverance, and still going

    Mosul Eye posted: “​Quietness and calm are still dominant in Mosul. I will not write about fear tonight. I will write about my dreams that might not happen, may be not in my life time, because they remain dreams and imaginations, and I very well know that the greatest inven”

  3. Hello Mosul musician,
    I see the change in your last blog.
    Music music music. Your mood has lifted with hope. Stay safe please, and let us all know when you walk free! Freedom, never ever to be taken for granted! God bless you, your family and all Mosulis.
    From a truly free Australian.

  4. an independent historian inside Mosul?

    when I firstly read this blog, I had my personal conclusions about “an independent historian inside Mosul” I was in doubt the blogger is and Mosulawy person,>

    Reading this post I can be confident this blogger neither an independent historian inside Mosul nor Iraqi.

    So ISIS in the city for two years what your rule was with ISIS man?

  5. Hello,

    I’m an anonymous french man from Paris, i read your news everyday, and i’m going to write something here for the first time..

    I’m typing since 15 minutes and i’m deleting what i was writing 2 seconds ago.. i don’t know what to say..
    It’s crazy for me to think that somebody in Mosul will read this message, somebody living in atrocity with ISIL for neighbors… It’s like if i’m dreaming, this feeling that all this war is not for real.. It looks so hard for me to imagine all what you’re living when you come from a country like mine.

    Anyway, i try to wake-up and now it’s time for me to say that we are thinking of you strongly. So strongly that i couldn’t sleep that night, looking for news about the Battle of Mosul every 5 minutes, checking every 10 minutes if you posted something new here..
    And in the morning, i waked up and the first thing i thought when i opened my eyes was “Checking news, checking mosul eye” while i was putting my clothes to go to work.
    Then, 1 hour later, i arrived at my work and first thing i thought when i switched on my computer was “checking news, checking mosul eye”.

    But at that moment.. nothing more than 5 hours ago.

    I don’t know what to say to encourage you. Just praying for an entrance of the Iraqi army in Mosul-city as fine as possible. Just hope the less of death possible inside the human shields taken by ISIL. The less of death possible when the bombs and the weapons will start (maybe not ?!) to destroy the walls, the houses, the buildings. I look stupid to say that of course, because wars are still dirty, but what else i can say ?

    Best regards..

    1. Thank you for putting words to what most of us are feeling but unable to express, Parisien.

      Stay strong, Eye of Mosul. Your bravery for Mosul and its people is commendable. Your blog posts to let the world know what is happening is truly appreciated. My prayers are with you all to remain safe. Mosul will be liberated.

  6. A quick wikipedia-search: Operas are built in 1 to 8 years. In average around 2-3 years. So maybe its not such a far dream… .

  7. I agree…I will be the first to make a donation for a Mosul Opera…and so, Mister Mosul’s Eye, If you want us to give you news about what we know on “military operations “, don’t hesitate, maybe YOUR informations are censored? About what i know, right now, Iraki forces took the building of Television and are in Karamah’s quarter…..

  8. Pls know that the people of USA are praying 🙏 for u and all ur people. Ive cried for ur pain amd I wish we could wrap u up in safety and take u all away from the hell of daesh. Stay strong amd never give up on ur dreams because dreams do become a reality.

  9. Dear Blogger, thank you so very much for every thought, for all your feelings, your hope and your vision you share with us! Every word you write is so very important and so very very valuable for us, who are living in peace and freedom and who can’t imagine your situation! My thoughts and my prayers are with you! May god bless you and guard you in body and soul every day, every hour, every minute!

  10. If a village in Burkina Faso is building an Opera Village just at this very moment, then also Mosul will be able to have its Opera House. Here is how the Opera project started near Ouagadougou:

    I would want so much that I could pass to you a glimpse of hope in the terryfying reality that is Mosul now.
    Keep your dream of art and music….a dream is always the first step. Mosul will need these dreams.
    Keep safe….yourself and your dreams.
    You and Mosul are every day now in the thoughts of a german scientist and amateur musician who loves art and music just as you. If I could I’d like to discuss with you about what Pictures at an Exhibition means to you or me because I like it very much as well.

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