In Memory of the Fallen

On this day, Mosul celebrated the martyrdom of its best resistant

As we remember the today, we want to say that we never forgot them, and we shall celebrate their sacrifice very soon, in our free Mosul

Eulogy ..

In Mosul, there are men proved that Freedom is pricey, and they proved all the fools and the ignorant’ accusations about Mosul’s citizens are utter wrong. There are men in Mosul that taught ISIL how bitterness tastes and forced it to recalculate everything all over. There are men in Mosul that will live in history forever, and memorials will be built in their memory all over the city. Those men are my people.

ISIL calls them spies, and we call them Life Makers, with every breath they gave up as they drowned, with their last breaths to their death, every single sigh of them carries a life that is beyond ISIL to kill. Men who stood honest and sincere to their city and people and fought for them. ISIL killed them in various ways, once by detonating their necks, another by drowning them and once more by exploding them with rockets, isn’t it alone a proof beyond any doubt of how much torment they made ISIL suffer all this time?

All Glory to you, O’ Men of Mosul, and our prayers and thoughts go to your families and loved ones. If there is a paradise, it is yours indeed, and if there isn’t, you are the finest of men would ever be berried into these grounds.

Those men have names, and their names should never be forgotten; their names must be imprinted into your minds and souls:

Wisam Saleh Ibrahim Aljobouri
Khalid Eid Ajeel
Ameen Sulaiman Ali
Baraa Ahmed Mahmood
Sami Saadi Allawie
Mohammed Sabah Noori
Faris Ahmed Jasim

May your souls rest in peace, and may your souls and bodies guide and light up Mosul’s way to be free of ISIL.


P.S.: any one writes a senseless, holistic, stupid, sectarian or racist comment, I will ban him/her from this page, and better find another place away from this page to evict whatever nonsense they got in mind.

drawing is courtesy of a friend of the page, in the honor of the martyrs

في #الموصل رجال اثبتوا انّ #الحرية غالية الثمن، واثبتوا انّ احاديث الجهلة والحمقى من الذين يطلقون الاتهامات على اهل الموصل كلها باطلة، في الموصل رجال اذاقوا داعش المرار، واجبروها على اعادة حساباتها من جديد، في الموصل رجال سيخلدهم التاريخ، وستقام لهم نصب تذكارية في المدينة، اولئك قومي.

داعش تسميهم جواسيس، ونحن نسميهم صنّاع الحياة، بانفاسهم التي خرجت وهم يغرقون، بزفرات الموت التي تساوي كل من داعش و امثالها.
رجال صدقوا مع انفسهم، و دافعوا عن مدينتهم. مرة تقوم بتفجير رقابهم و اخرى بالقذائف و الغرق، اليس هذا دليلا على كم العذاب الذي اذاقوه لداعش؟

الخلود لكم يا رجال المدينة، والصبر والسلوان لاهاليكم، اذا كان هناك جنة فهي لكم، وان لم تكن، فانتم خير من نام تحت تراب الارض.

للابطال لا تنسوهم، احفروا اسمائهم في عقولكم وقلوبكم :

وسام صالح ابراهيم الجبوري
احمد عثمان محمود
خالد عيد عجيل
امين سليمان علي
براء احمد محمود
سامي سعدي علاوي
محمد صباح نوري
فارس احمد جاسم

من يقوم بكتابة تعليق فيه تعميم، شمولية، غباء، طائفية، تعليق ديني، عرقي، سارميه بعيدا عن هذه الصفحة، وليجد لنفسه مكانا آخر يصارع فيه نفسه.

الرسمة هدية من احد الاصدقاء المتابعين للصفحة, تخليدا للشهداء الابطال.




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  1. So sad that good people have died fighting something so evil. I hope we get to hear the full story for each one. It is no simple thing to risk your life to do the right thing. Few have been faced with such a challenge and it is easy to say that we would stand up for what is right, but when that time finally comes, what would we really do? I suspect most of us would not have the courage of our convictions.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer who fought in the resistance against the Nazi’s said “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” I hope the stories and not just the names of these people lives for many long years.

  2. I express my sympathy with our Iraqi brothers and sisters in Mousel,where I was detained for more than 8 years as a prisoner of war

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