Latest in ISIL crimes – Mass executions of the village’s men and children at Alhud Village

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New crime for ISIL against an entire village
Mass executions of the village’s men and children at Alhud Village

The villagers rebelling against ISIL

After we investigated the mass execution of Alhud Village residents, South of Mosul, we were able to obtain all the details of the incident and confirm them, as follows:

Alhud Village, historical background:
Alhud is located 50 kilometers south of Mosul, within the administration limits of Alqayyara township. The village is divided into two parts, Lower Alhud and Upper Alhud and it is intertwined with the surrounding villages: Alhamidiya from the north, Azzwiya from the East, and Allazzaga from the south. All these villages are separated from the Western Borders of The Kurdish Governarate of Erbil by Tigris river where an island locally known by “Ghosts Island” or “Hawija Shikhir” is centered in the river.

After the fall of Qayyara to ISIL, ISIL started a wide range cleansing against those villages as it accuses them of apostasy and their pertinence to the local Iraqi police forces. It blowed many of their houses and executed tens of the soldiers and officers from this village. Some of them were able to flee, but many others have become victims of ISIL.

The incident’s details:
After ISIL invasion of the area, there was only one way to flee the village, and that is towards the Kurds. The Kurds allowed the residents to flee but they have to inform the Kurds so they would not get shot as they cross the river to the Kurdish side (Erbil). The river is guarded by the air forces in case ISIL tries to cross the river to reach the Kurds. ISIL was not aware that people continuously flee Alhud to the Kurds across the river. On December 28th, 2015, a few teenagers (aged between 12 to 16 years old) tried to cross the river to Sultan Abdullah village, under Peshmarga’s control. They were caught by ISIL and instantly accused them of being “spies” (they were neither spies nor have any relations with any military or security entity) and publicly executed them few minutes after their capture in front of their families at the center of Alhud.

Alhud people rebelled against ISIL for executing the teenagers. ISIL responded by segregating Men from Women and children and randomly executed a number of the village’s men. The number of executed men we were informed of was 18 in addition to the five teenagers executed earlier. Then ISIL enforced the villagers into house arrest and expelled  some villagers to other villages and declared the area a “non residential” area and considered it a “military area” and declared that everything in the village is confiscated and belongs to “the treasury buruea” (Divan Almaam). Also, ISIL detained other men from the village and removed them to an unknown location, and threatened to execute the entire village if they try to repeat their rebelling against them.

This incident records as the first demonstration in Nainawa against ISIL, and it is the beginning for more disobedience against ISIL. It seems that there is a growing  fear inside ISIL that this incident may occur again in other villages. It is also heard that several assassinations were carried out against ISIL members by individuals from the village.

The names of the youngsters who tried to run away and were executed by ISIL:
1- Taha Mohammed Matwag
2- Yasir A’gab Hasan Geddu’a
3- Said Khalid Ramadan A’ashur
4- Arkan Mohammed Attallah
5- Nazzal Yasir Nazzal


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