Updates from Mosul

Friday 4/7/2014
Today the named “Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi”, the leader of ISIS terrorist organization, arrived to Mosul and gave Friday’s preach in Al-Noori Al-Kabeer mosque. He declared himself a caliph for Muslims by saying “I am the caliph Ibraheem”, the caliph of Muslims, among a big crowd of militants around him and around the mosque with all of their medium and heavy equipment. Written on the right shoulder of each one of those militants: “The Islamic State- Al-Sadeeq Battalion”. The prominent contents of the preach was: “I invite you in order to uphold the banner of Islam”; “All the previous people who drooped to announce the caliphate are ‘sinners’”; “I do not promise you a luxury life, but a life of Jihad”. His speech contained many Qur’anic verses which promote “infidels’ jihad”. One hour before the preach, all mobile phones connection was cut off in Mosul and returned two hours following the end of the preach. Following the end of the preach and the prayer, a group of militants moved forward and offered their allegiance [Baya’a] to Al-Baghdadi inside the mosque.

Many areas in Mosul live without electricity and fuel. Cases of houses’ robbery happened in “Al-Tinnak neighbourhood” area.

ISIS spreads flyers in Mosul’s mosques which imposes “the Salafi” ideology on prayer and athan’s [calling people to pray on prayer’s times] procedure in mosques.

A big movement by ISIS militants around cars’ galleries in order to buy them. According to an owner of a cars’ gallery: “I had 20 cars in the gallery, they were all bought by militants, with cash”.

In a conversation which I had with a group of girl’s from Mosul (civil society activists), I asked them about their positions regarding what happened and the most prominent changes that affected them following ISIS control of Mosul: We feel injustice and indifference; ISIS did not differ from the government as both of them do not have the humanity when dealing with us; they all have the same one goal which is how to kill; we wished for the human to govern us, not the weapon. As women, we miss our voice and the simplest necessities of life. One of them said: I am very afraid of what is going to happen if the situation remains as it is, I do not want to be a gift to a criminal of ISIS criminals, I lost feeling in everything. Another one said: I wish that somebody tells me how to stop worrying and that we will be fine because I feel very tired, we’re prisoners of our homes since the first days and we feel that we’re in a prison.

Saturday 5/7/2014
Happened moments ago [written at 12am]: ISIS arrests someone in Msheerfa area after he insulted them.
ISIS exhumed the shrine of the Prophet Younis, justifying their action by that a place for praying [chapel] is not allowed to be held on top of a grave.

A knowledgeable source: Al-Baghdadi met the tribes’ leaders and well-known people in Mosul and they offered him their Baya’a [allegiance]. “Al-Neqshebendi Way Men Army” [Baa’thists] were not among the attendants.

Transforming Abd-Allah Al-Yawir’s [Member of Parliament] house in Al-Dindan area into a prison which belongs to ISIS organisation.

A campaign of arrests carried out by ISIS in Al-Zenjeeli area without knowing the reasons.

ISIS threatens to cut the fingers of everyone who smokes or sells Shisha.

ISIS transfers the Legitimate Council’s center to Al-Dindan area.

Allegiance center was transferred from Al-Mufti mosque to Bahaa’ Al-Deen mosque.

ISIS arrests a journalist in Stones’ Valley area.

ISIS announces that “everyone who worked for the Independent Supreme Elections’ Commission/legations” is on their wanted list.

ISIS prepares a carnival and a big celebration on 15th of Ramadan [13th of July]. One of its sessions is “a public allegiance [Baya’a] to ISIS’ leads” and public executions to a number of captives they have.

The last Shiaa man left Mosul this morning after he was smuggled secretly via the western border of Mosul towards Sinjar which is under Peshmerga’s [Kurdish force] control. He was hiding for two weeks in his house without food. I confirmed that he arrived safely.

ISIS interrogates with those who arrive from outside Mosul via Gogechli border (Erbil) and The Arabic Neighbourhood (Dehook). Entering and existing Mosul has become extremely difficult and dangerous.

The orphanage in Mosul is suffering from a possible crisis in food shortage and we are unable to form groups in order to help them because the militants prohibits any public gatherings.

I might stop publishing updates for some time because I am very worried. I am finding it difficult to adapt. ISIS have checkpoints in the streets now and they search everything, even mobile phones. I will stay at home for few days as I have been leaving the house for updates everyday which is making me anxious. I feel like this tragedy will soon end; Iraq had been through events that are much worse than this. Following me monitoring the situation, I started developing a great expectation that ISIS will withdraw soon.

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