Update: Shiaa’s and Christian’s houses looted; explosive barrels dropped over Mosul; Prophet Younis’ shrine in danger; free movement between Mosul and Syria; ISIS misleads airplanes; ISIS denies giving staff their salaries and a state of destitution spreads; and women’s movement reduced

Following ISIS decision to take Shiaa’s and Christian’s houses in Mosul as theirs, many houses of Shiaas and Christians in Mosul have been robbed and looted. One of those houses is very close to me; it was for my poor neighbour whom I don’t know where this disaster had taken him. His house was looted today and people have seen and heard it. One looter said that it was a halal [acceptable/ allowed] money and that he deserves to take the house and everything it has.

An explosive barrel was dropped in Al-Shia’areen Market area without exploding which caused people to panic.

Increase in the movement and transportation between Mosul and Syria. These movements became daily following ISIS announcement of “caliphate” over the lands they control.

ISIS forces are localized in the Prophet Younis’s shrine. Fear that ISIS will destroy it.

Following continuation of prohibiting giving salaries to staff in the city, a state of extreme destitution and great anxiety of beginning of a financial crisis in the city. In addition, shops are closed as a result of lack of financial liquidity and ISIS denies opening banks in order to give staff their wages.

For the second time now, ISIS puts their flags over locations that don’t have any of their fighters in order to confuse airplanes which their flying become very striking. As I am writing this, an airplane is flying on a low altitude and its noise is close to me.

It has become very noticeable that women’s movement in Mosul had reduced dramatically. In the first days, women used to go to markets and parks but now you could hardly see a girl or a lady walking in the street, even in the company of a man. This was following a Nazi preach that was spread by ISIS fighters between mosques, which talked about “chastity” and women’s commitment to “their homes”.

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