ISIS spread is at the heart of the first Islamic Conquest of Mosul

As a historian, I went in a tour in the western side of the city, which is considered as the Islamic side of the first conquest process, year 17 H [Islamic calendar] [year 639 Christian calendar]. I can say that ISIS presence is spread in “Islamic Conquest area” and all their ideological movements are within this. Their largest spread and even their legitimate centers are in the heart of this area; Al-Mushaheda area, Bashtabiya and the western side of river Tigris where the first Islamic mosque was founded in the city- Musfi Al-Dhaheb mosque currently (Al-Masjid Al-Amawy previously).

Afghan costume spreads in Mosul and the city was declared divided into military units

“Afghan costume” phenomena has spread inside the city, even none-armed men from the civil citizens have started wearing this costume. I spoke to some people who showed resentment about this un-welcomed phenomena in the city.

It had become eye catching now that the armed men bring their families and children with them. And it seems like there is a free movement between Syria and Iraq within the control of ISIS.

Dividing Mosul into military units has been declared today. The names given: “Abu-Talha Camp”, “Al-Zubeer Camp”, “Abu-Qutada Camp”, “Al-Ansar Camp”. These names show on their cars and vans. 

ISIS have Iraqi Army and Police members as captives

I managed to know from a trustworthy source who is close to the armed forces that there are captives from the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police kept with the armed forces. One armed man tried to insult a captive police man whom he used to know before the crisis and was a reason in putting him in prison, so he tried to take his revenge from him. However, two armed men (Arabs, not Iraqis) stopped him from doing so. It had been agreed by them to let go all the captives very soon.