Mosul Eye Bureau Short Film, Paris

REEM by Hamza AlFakhry, 5-minute short film, February 2017, Turkey

Tagline: “In the name of life”

Reem is a short drama about a young Iraqi girl whose journey of refuge becomes a search for her favorite things. The journey, however, becomes too difficult and complex for a small child to understand. The film by Mosul filmmaker Hamza AlFakhry was shot in Turkey, where all of its Iraqi actors and crew live as refugees. The final scene is real footage captured of a younger Reem, just over two years old, during a car bombing near her home on the first day of ISIS’ takeover of Mosul in 2014. REEM has been part of the official selection at the Berlin Flash Film Festival, the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, and the 2017 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival celebrating independent film artists, aka Festival Angaelica, in Big Bear Lake, California, among others.

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