​A report on Mosul Eye team field visit to the liberated neighborhoods of Mosul

Neighborhoods visited today: Gugjali, Al-Samah

Date: December 12th, 2016

Mosul Eye person: Musab Walid

For immediate release

Our sincere regards to you all,
Today, 12/12/2016, I was on a field trip to Mosul, covered the following:

1- I talked to Lieutenant general Abdulwahab Al-Saadi and I presented myself as Mosul Eye team, and he ordered a military vehicle belongs to ICTS for our transportation from Gugjali around 9:00 AM.

2- The vehicle drove us to the operation command center at Al-Samah neighborhood and there I met with Lie. General Al-Saadi who welcomed us very gracefully.

3- I informed Lie. Al-Saadi about the goals of my trip, that first is about estimating the medical and medication needs of Al-Samah health care center (Al-Arkan), and second, to film the liberated neighborhoods with a VR Camera for the first time in Mosul. We agreed to perform the filming during the daily military tour.

4- I went to the health care center in a military vehicle and asked the staff to provide us with a list of the supplies they need and the amount that covers them for a month hoping to be able to provide them with the supplies they need. We agreed to finish their list in 4 hours (around 2:00 pm).

5- During my visit to Al-Samah health care center, I noticed the number of patients is overwhelming and the available  medical staff is not enough to cover the overwhelming number of patients.

6- The medical staff complained about the non-medical aid is been distributed at the center and obstructing the medical staff from attending the patients adequately. I discussed the matter with the deputy governor Mr. Hassan Al-Allaf who said that this is a temporary set and the issue is already resolved by transferring the distribution center to a different location. The staff also complained about the lack of support from the ministry of health and Nainawa’s health department.

7- The medical staff requested urgently an ambulance vehicle, yet, my doubts are that they are requesting the ambulance for their own transportation more than using it to transport patients. I have not witnessed any need to transport any patients at their center. Also, Dr. Asad’s tongue slipped when he said “it is not logical that we go back and forth to the center and we have no vehicle to transport us!” And that’s the secret behind their insistence. (We arranged with Lie. Al-Saadi to provide them with a vehicle by tomorrow).

8- The military tour was cancelled after our trip to the health center because of the lieutenant’s conference attendance. The tour was postpond to tomorrow.

9- I noticed a shortage in everything the center is required to have for patients’ treatment. There is no dental care equipment, no immunization shots, no lab equipment, no guase and no seringes available at the center. The entire situation was filmed where the staff demanded Nainawa’s health department and the ministry of health to fulfill the shortage. I also received a list of the supplies and equipment needed for the center to operate without the amount required to cover their needs for a month. 

10- I noticed a significant difference between Al-Samah neighborhood and Gugjali. Life in Gugjali is almost back to normal where the market is open and functioning, normal traffic, even wholesale market is open and operating and life is getting back to its normal track. On the contrary, at Al-Samah neighborhood, I noticed people are lining up for very long hours waiting for relief that may take long hours to arrive to the relief distribution center, or may not arrive at times. I recognize that as a negative difference between two neighboring liberated areas.

11- The residents and the medical staff, alike, do not recognize to whom they direct their demands to, for instance, they demanded their salaries to be paid. I clarified to them that we do not represent any governmental entity, but I promised to make their voices heard. I passed their demands to Hassan Al-Allaf who I happened to meet with him suddenly near the command center.

12- I finished my tour around 2:30 pm and left to Erbil after that. 

We will post the pictures and video tomorrow and there will be another tour and an interview of Al-Saadi with Mosul Eye.

Mosul Eye

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