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How much Mosul today is like Berlin. Berlin was divided by a cement wall, where Mosul is divided by a wall of fire. To the east of it, a door-to-door war is underway, and huge numbers of people are trapped in their homes, breathing gunpowder instead of Oxygen. What’s happening there is terrifying. Those who live on the Eastern side thinking to cross over to the Western side, but they are afraid that the battles will chase them there. And those who live on the Western side, they are also thinking of crossing over to the Eastern side, but they fear to come under fire and their move might delay the liberation and lose everything.

People are living this huge dilemma, and everyone’s eyes are on the bridges whith huge question in mind: what if the bridges are taken down, and we didn’t cross over to the othet side? How would we traverse? Shall we stay? Shall we move out??

Mosul today is undergoing an unfathomable ordeal, thats is the crossing over ordeal.

Here is what’s happening at the Eastern side of Mosul: 

1- The Eastern bank neighborhoods are divided into two sections, just like the city: a half where it turned into a battlefield at the edges of those neighborhoods, specially Al-Karama and Al-Samah neighborhoods, and the most difficult situation is at Al-Khadraa apartments. A family of four, a couple with two children were killed today by a mortar shell dropped on their residence.

2- Water and power are cut for over a week from the area and people are stranded in their homes, they are afraid to stay and afraid to leave.

3- Al-Khadraa apartments are also divided into two parts: one is under fire, and the other under ISIL’s control. ISIL is trying to confiscate as many apartments as possible to turn them into military bases. Yet, people are holding their ground and refuse to leave their apartments.

4- All forms of life has stopped at the far eastern edge of Al-Khadraa apartments, and it is partially alive at its far western edge of the complex.

5- The residents at the rest of the neighborhoods are afraid that ISIL might take a retaliatory action against them, accusing them of apostasy. They fear for their lives because of the non stop bombardment.

Meanwhile, on the Western side of Mosul: 

1- The atmosphere is calm, but it is the quietness before the storm. This sidy of the city is living on a sleeping volcano of fear, anxity, and horror.

2- ISIL is trying to carrying out business as usual, especially its “real estate divan”, where it is actively confiscating people’s houses accusing their owners of “abandoning the land of Islam”

3- Life starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. Very small number of people could be seen during those hours, and no store keep their doors open beyond 2:00 PM. 

4- Some families got divided into two halves – half of the family got stuck at the Eastern bank, and afraid to go back to the Western bank, and vice versa. Many families have arranged their position as such if they have to move from one bank to the other, they have a place to stay at each side of the city.

5- ISIL is moving lots of ammunition to homes belong to ISIL among innocent families. Those families live in horror. ISIL is forcing families surrounding those houses to stay in their homes and threatened to kill them if they try to flee. 

I don’t know if we will make it or not, but please inform the forces to be merciful and kind with us once they enter Mosul. Those forces are orderd to obtain all the civil records and documents from ISIL’s headquarters in the city. If you entered those headquarters, and you didn’t find those records, be sure to find them buried in their headquarters; they got secret storages in those headquarters and in the houses they occupied previously. Those records belong to Mosul and its people, and they must be preserved; Mosul’s modern history relies on those records. There are hundreds of manuscripts ISIL stole and they are in the possession of traders in the black market who are still in Mosul.

Please, return those manuscripts.

Also, look for the corpses as well. There are hundreds of bodies buried in mass graves, especially on the road to Badoosh, and on the road to Hammam Al-Alil, south of Mosul, and in Wadi Iqab graveyard. Please, find those graves and re-bury them in dignity, again

Despite all difficulti, fears, and dangers we are facing, ISIL seemed to be getting weaker in the past couple of days. They seemed extremely perplexed. I learned about an argument between a couple of ISIL fighters about Al-Adnani’s prayer in which he said: “Lord, if this state is a state of the Kharijites, then exterminate it, kill all its leaders, and shred its flag”; their argument was the corruption of their alleged state. One of them said “it’s either Al-Adnani was right about this, and this state is actually a state of the Kharijites, and God has listened to him, or, there is a mistake somewhere!” Those types of arguments are going on among the fighters who stayed in Mosul, and I believe that many go through such arguments, specially during A’sr prayers today at one of the mosques, where one of the fighters started talking about the necessity of reviewing the errors (I don’t know which mistakes he is referring to: killing thousands of innocent people? Or the destruction of entire cities?)

The situation in Mosul’s hospitals:

1- Doctors are stranded at the hospitals by ISIL.

2- Many of ISIL bodies arrive at Al-Salam and Ibn Al-Athir hospitals (Ibn Al-Athir is a children’s hospital, but ISIL transformed it into a general hospital for treating its wounded. The hospital is filled with children patients as well). Al-Khansaa hospital is also fillex with wounded ISIL fighters.

3- Sever shortage in medicine in all Mosul’s hospitals.

Food supplies and services:

1- All forms of trade is stopped, mamy grocery stores owners say their supplies will last for a couple of weeks.

2- Prices are high, money is scarce, and many families are unable to meet their needs.

3- Shortage in all forms of fuel as well; car fuel, gas, and kerosene are all scarce.

What did ISIL do today?

1- ISIL executed 6 young men at Al-Islah Al-Zira’ai neighborhood. Most of them were imprisoned for long monthes.

2- ISIL relocated more than 40 families from souther Mosul to the city. I was able to know that ISIL forced them to taked buses and transport them to Mosul. It is clear that ISIL needs more resistants to use them as human shields.

The roads are scary, even during the early hours of the morning, and despite the fact that there are few pedestrians, the streets of Mosul are very scary. ISIL fighters are everywhere, and they locate their military points among residential ateas.

At the end, I say:

Maybe the sun soon will rise in Mosul, and it will be liberated by then, or maybe not. But I ask, if we die, who will bury us?

Do not forget Mosul

The founder of Mosul Eye

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  1. I am totally lost for words from what I read. Everything I think to say seems shallow. My heart is with the civilians of Mosul. I cannot forget any of you for a second. Take care.

  2. Your funeral is going to be a happy one. Because you will be extremly very old. Had an enormous happy live. No pain. No fear. All your children and grand and grand grand children and their children will be their and a big crowd of foreigners and their familiies who you have insipired. They all will miss you extremly, but will be very happy about your wonderfull live. And not forget about the musicans. So many of them.

    I wake up every day and hope to see on the news: IS surrendered. Everywhere. They will now face a fair trail.

    And for all the victims. I am so sorry to say that. Its going to be painfull. But is going to be for each one a grave and they will be known. Sadly its going to be a process. But it will be done. As soon as possible.

  3. Dear Mosul Eye,
    I admire your endurance and bravery. Stay strong, you will make out of it I am sure. And when you do I hope the world will be a better place.
    My thoughts and prayers for all the Mosulis. Love from Nepal..

  4. Dear Mosuleye,
    I admire your endurance and bravery.I am sure that you will make out of this mess and when you do I hope the world would be a better place. My thoughts and prayers to you, your family and the Mosulis. Love from Nepal..

  5. No news since the 08.11.2016. I hope nothing bad happened to you, writer of Mosul Eye. My thoughts and prayers are with you people of Mosulü

  6. Although we will never meet, I’m praying for you and the other innocent people of Mosul. I will never understand the horrors you have had to witness and endure, but because of this, I respect your ability to fight and look towards hope. Please know that there are Americans that care for you and pray for a better life for you. Someday soon I hope.

  7. Almost 4 days since the last post. The silence is ominous especially with the most recent intel coming in from Mosul. I hope you are well or as well as it is possible to be in your situation. Wishing you strength in these times.

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