​This is how we, the Mosulis, resisted the caliphate … 

The biggest question Iraqis keep on asking, before anyone else, is: why Mosulis do not step up and revolt against ISIL?

I tried to answer this question many times since ISIL took over Mosul till today, and I believe it’s time to answer this question, as the liberation operations started, along with liberating forces entering Mosul. Answering this question thoroughly has become a necessity.
Revolution, or resistance as people believe in, whether in Iraq or anywhere else, is by taking up guns, or by human sacrifice, is to stand up to your enemy and fight it with your weapon, to either kill or be killed, and that what happens quite often everywhere. I remember every spot where a young Mosuli life was taken accused of being a spy for the international coalition forces. I recollect every scene took place everytime they killed a young gentleman in various barbarian ways. I know very well how the ground looked like before every blood pool was formed, while it was forming, and how the ground absorbed those blood pools. I remember those splotches just as I know my hands. Every time I remember them, I feel miserable for their lost lives. I tell myself that I need them alive, not dead! But what happened has happened, and tens of them were killed. You can see their photos on this very page. I have to call them “Martyrs”, even though I don’t believe in Martyrdom, for I know the resistance Mosul has provided, no other city is able to match.
All of you know the Islamic and historical depth of Mosul, and if you reviewed the writings, the articles, and the studies conducted about the Islamic Mosul and the Ottoman Mosul, you will find how religion played in forming the city’s identity, and maybe based on this role, many of people in Nainawa (Nineveh) joined ISIL; they have an old  religious heritage and history, and they were directly influenced by the religious movements around them, specifically Wahhabism.
As I read many writings about the caliphate, the caliph and its conditions, as they suggest that the Islamic State (IS) that ISIL represents, does not relate to the real Islam and the real Khilafa (caliphate), especially as Shadi Hamid and others are trying to unrelate ISIL to any Islamic matter for very simple reason, and that is, they have not lived under the rule of this caliphate and have not witnessed how they are organized and how they act, they do not know ISIL’s leaders, ISIL’s fighters, their faith, and their sheikhs, they have not been to IS’ “Iftaa” house (ISIL’s legislation house) and the Shar’i boards, they have not talked to any member of IS’ “Center for Islamic studies and research”. None of those researchers know anything about the bodies ISIL has created, nor their structure, nor their function, and they don’t know anything about their way of practicing the Islamic jurisprudence and how they execute Islamic law.
All what those researchers have engaged in with is just some analyses that are not worth the ink used to write them with, and this consumed ink is too much for those analyses that are designed to always mislead us, while the reality of it is clear like broad day light.
We lived under the rule of the real Islamic caliphate, Islam in its true form, the prophetic Islam and the Islam of the Righteous Caliphs, a pure, untainted Islam.
Mosul was drained of its Christians, its Yazidis, its Shi’ite, and we were left facing the Islamic caliphate. The caliphate considered us its subjects, for the caliphate came to defend “the Sunnis”. We, the very matter of the caliphate, remained.
But what happened?
We did not forget what the Abbasid caliphate did to us, in 750 AD, when they killed thousands of the Mosulis. Today, their descendants, carrying the same religion, the same faith, and tge same law, did to use what their ancestors did to ours.
We did reject the caliphate, we reject it altogether. We resisted the caliphate for two years. Our resistance and our revolution is like no other. We resisted the very texts this caliphate was based on and its jurisprudence. We rejected the caliph and got him to shout filled with pain and sorrow in his last speech. I recall in one of Juma sermons in the beginning of 2015, when ISIL’s sheikh said: “you, the Mosulis, have faild us! You are not worthy of this khilafa! We shal give you a taste of torture and death. We have left with nothing for you but the sowrd!”
They were right on that one! To them, we are apostates. We, the Mosulis, brought forth to you, the world, a living example of total rejection of the Islamic caliphate in its entirety.

Two years of silence, a blatant silence. Doesn’t this tell you how a city with such rich Islamic history is rejecting the Islamic State and the Islamic caliphate today?

This, in our measures, is the greatest victory, and it is the victory we are looking to achieve, that the caliphate would be wiped out totally of Mosul. 
Mosul has presented so many sacrifices; ISIL killed hundreds of its people. May peace and mercy be upon their souls. May their souls rest in peace, but the real revolution torch is ignited and nothing will stop it.
We will build an Opera House, we will start schools of music and ballet, and we shall invite the greatest musicians to play their symphonies at its heart.
Mosul will be liberated, and the military battles will be over, but our battle will carry on.
History will write that the Islamic caliphate was annihilated twice in Mosul, the Umayyad caliphate and Albaghdadi’s caliphate.
We will not let Mosul to be the home of the caliphate

This is how we resisted

This is our revolution.

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  1. How does it come, that I am sitting here, save, warm and even well-fed and you, under such pressure, give me hope. Thank you.

    I was asking this question myself. Why are so few so sucessful in repressing so many?
    I got an answer from somebody who knows more then me: Because no weapons on the side of the many.
    But I thought the key is the brutality of the few and that they expand the brutality to the loved ones. Sacrificing yourself is “easy”. If they hold a gun to the head of another innocent (loved or unknown), its impossible.

    And now you gave me the real answer. There is a revolution. From the many. Revolutions can be quiet. Thank you for letting us hear it.

    Stay save. (Even if it means we wont here from you for a few days.) The world needs you to make some noise. In an opera.

  2. It was in a different form but we used to have the same issues in the western world. It’s always the same. Some pricks who decided that their race/religion/political direction is the only right one and everyone else should be wiped out or at least be obedient.

    The reason why we are here sitting save and warm is because our ancestors fought for it. People like the Mosulis. They are not only fighting for themselves but also for a better world for their children. Don’t give up. Keep on fighting!

  3. I am from Mosul but I can’t understand your refusal to a misused title of Khaleefa

    Iraq and Mosul are besieged by ISIL and many other evil forces taking advantage of the chaotic situation to their end, Vultures Gatherings

    The truth is the people has suffered hardship and tyranny from ISIL and the Iraqi government before ISIL , hence they lost hope in taking sides
    So perhaps then silence is the only show of resistance
    As silence holds a quiet prayer
    Charging energy..

  4. You write so well. I hope very much to get the opportunity to read more of your work for many years to come. Good luck to you Sir or Madam.

  5. Daesh is so Islamic that 99.9% of Muslims and Islamic scholars say that it isnt Islamic ? What exactly is this research that you have done that led you to conclude Daesh’s pristine pure Islam that rest of the Muslim world cant see ? A research paper on that will be welcome.

  6. Hello, I am a reporter from the Gadfly, the official newspaper of the third oldest college in the United States. I would like to get in contact with you if possible, and if it is safe for you to do so. I sent an interview request about a week ago, and would like to find out about the civilians inside the city: how they are surviving and resisting ISIL.

  7. May God shower His blessings upon you n the mosul natives, lets hopes so called Daesh will be wipeout soon n you people live a free happy life. Be safe n secure.

  8. I posted a response before which I am not sure if it vanished for a computer glitch or the Authors didn’t approve.
    We must remember that there is no free journalism in Iraq
    Which means that the truth as to be shaped to serve certain goals
    Therefore I will discuss this article on my blog

  9. Helplessness, anxiety, despair…
    But also hope
    The light of my candle is burning for them, for their family, their city, their country…
    our world

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