​The Demand for International Trusteeship for Mosul

The battle for Mosul has not started yet. All the areas where the operations are taking place are empty of its residents. Until now, we do not feel the impact of the battles on the city yet, because we know that the real test will take place inside Mosul; the city with over one million people still residing inside, and we do not know if there are real plans to protect us. We are not sure of any of that. Everything that is spread and posted out there does not tell us any truth and we feel insecure.
We, the people of Mosul, hold the United States, who is leading the International Coalition, accountable for protecting the City of Mosul of any attempts to dividing it and/or any wars that might erupt after the liberation, and of any attempted action of revenge that some factions might wage on the innocent Mosuli civilians.

We, the civilized people of Mosul, do not want to hand our city over, after liberation, to the tribes or to the Kurds, or the Public Mobilization Units (PMUs), or any other faction that is out of the Iraqi government jurisdiction. We also believe that the Iraqi government, alone, is not capable of managing Mosul after liberation. And because we are afraid of systematically targeting Mosulis who exceed one million citizen by the tribes, the PMUs, and the Kurds. Hence, we offer the United States the following best solution we were able to reach: 

1- To subject Mosul to an International trusteeship, with joined supervision by the Iraqi government and the United States.

2- Preserve the unity of the province of Nainawa and then grant it, and broaden, its administrative powers in the future. 

3- Subject Mosul to a transition phase under the United States’ supervision, where efforts continue to train joint administrative bodies and make them capable of administering the city, helping to restore confidence among the conflicting parties, and helps promoting democracy and peaceful coexistence in Mosul.

4- The military leadership in Mosul after liberation to be a joined leadership between the Iraqi army and the US and prohibit any military to practice any activities in Mosul.

5- The international Trusteeship of Mosul provides the United States and the International community a great opportunity, not only to resolve the conflict in Mosul, but also in Syria. It is important for the US politicians in Washington to seriously consider this project that aims to reinforce peace in Iraq,and hence, in the Middle East.

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