The Second Remembrance of the Fallout of Mosul

As I am preparing the yearly report for the second remembrance of Mosul’s fallout, I came across those events:

– Friday, 06-20-2014:
Rumors among people about the danger of having ISIL around, and the Baathists spreading news around saying that they are capable to confront ISIL. Yet, people say the opposite as ISIL offered monthly salary of $800 for volunteers. Despite that there is a growing feeling that ISIL does not truly care for what is happening as we no longer see anyone but Mosul’s people (the villagers) spreading in Mosul, and who were known among people as militant start to go public.
Mosul is undergoing a demographic change as a result of the moving of the villagers from the countryside into the city.
there are rumors about the militants’ willing to bomb Jonah’s shrine.

– On Feb. of 2014, a group of ISIL stormed into the bureau of internal revenue in Mosul on the eastern bank. they occupied the building for four hours and demand the employees to hand over all the bureau’s records and lured them to give them a percentage of the revenues or they would kill all the employees. Then, Atheel Alnujaifi went to negotiate with them. After the negotiations and the intervention of several delegates, they retreated from the building.
ISIL used to get a portion of the revenues that people used to pay.

– March, 2014:
Alnaqishbendi’s army forces took over the western bank of Mosul after battles with the police forces and the army. Their control of the western bank was from 1:00 AM till 6:00 AM. They killed 3 police members. Police was able to capture 6 of them. Mahid Algharrawi immediately executed them on site.
The rest were gone.

– Thursday, 06-05-2014:
During the curfew that was announced after receiving information about ISIL’s attempts to take over the city in revenge for the killing Abu Abdulrahman Albilawi by the federal police forces at Aljazira. All the intelligance, the police, security, and the military forces received the information.
Regardless of all the precaution and security measures taken, ISIL assassinated one of the education bureau employees at 8:30 PM.

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  1. Dear Mosul Eye, I am an Indian journalist and have followed your posts with interest from 2014. I am writing to ask if there is any information about the 40 Indian men who were abducted by IS on June 11. Would be grateful for a response. Thank you. Regards, Nirupama

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  2. As a historian, I went in a tour in the western side of the city, which is considered as the Islamic side of the first conquest process, year 17 H [Islamic calendar] [year 639 Christian calendar]. I can say that ISIS presence is spread in “Islamic Conquest area” and all their ideological movements are within this.

    There is defiantly miss/ self-motivated what you wrote above.
    I you read the history of Islam and Islamic empire or conquest process, you defiantly read how early Muslims were advised by Prophet Mohammed ﴿ص﴾or Khalifa (الخلفاء الراشدون) After him were very clear when it comes to new Conquest areas and saving human life specially women and kids even the animals and vegetation’s or tree or food farms, you need to go to read and check by yourself what Hadith by Prophet Mohammed ﴿ص﴾ or other early Islamic Khalifa.

    To your interest if you really knew Early Islamic history the advise to Leaders for Islamic military commanders like Khalid Bin Alwaleed & Saad Bin Waqass with regards of Women, Kids and plant life.

    During Early and later Islamic Conquest areas there were never been any historical site was demolished or stolen or damaged, in facts Khalifa Omar Bin Khatab رض when he entered Jerusalem he left all Christian , Jews holly places intact in fact the most evidence is he use a church to be as Masjid without demolish any original artwork or artefacts for that church and same things happen afterward.

    During Amway conquest process or Abbassy conquest process followed by whomever after that ended with Othman Empire, the Churches, synagogues still there and not demolished or damaged or taken over.

    So this was the history of Islamic Conquest areas, if you are a historian who dear about history you should be first to know the difference between real Islam and what these mongers ISIS or ISL terrorist doing in name of Islam.

    Go read and educate yourself well before spreading western view propaganda about ISIS/ISL you defiantly know who created and how are they.

    Tell me more all those TV/ Media showing those Afghani/Pakistani dressed terrorists with Redbeard faces and all sort of ugliness why when Iraqi forces and western forces kills them we did not see any of their dress or faces or even those TOYATA cars??

    Why ISIS/ISL not passing TO Israel if they are real Muslims?
    Why the do not fights in Gulf with full US military bases their even Turkey?

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