Mosul Eye special report: ISIL Organ Trade 2016,Contribution of Mosulyoon

Mosul Eye special report: ISIL Organ Trade 2016
Contribution of Mosulyoon

Report: ISIL harvesting organs of prisoners and transplanting them into its fighters or for trade

Fatwa is an order issued by the religious clergy who are considered the elite that is capable of derive the necessary justifications from the religious texts and the reality people live, and it is tantamount to the divine order because they, the clergy, are the heir of the prophet, as they are described in the doctrinal texts, therefore, they are authorized to issue “divine orders” (aka Fatwa) which is an indisputable and unchallenged order, and its execution is mandatory the moment it is issued, and violating it would lead to accuse the violator with infidelity because he/she is clearly violating a divine order. And this is what ISIL is basing its orders and decisions upon.


Mosul Eye special report – ISIL Organ Trade 2016



Mosul Eye Special Report

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