ISIS goal is to take over Baghdad- conversation with one armed man.

9:15 pm 21/6/2014 Mosul

Short conversation with one armed man:

Me: What about the Christians?

Armed man: Al-Nasara’s [Christians] law is clear, undisputed and their time has not come yet. We are still in the process of founding our state and its obstacle is Baghdad. This Great Fateh [opening] will not be completed except after taking over Baghdad.

Me: Is it true that the Baathists are among you?

Armed man: We accept everyone who would like to join us providing that he declares his exculpation from atheism and polytheism. If he was a fighter then repented, we accept him. Our state is the state of Islam and the door of repentance is open. Whoever leaves us or goes against us will only face death. Al-Baia’a [telling that specific leader you give your voice to him] is essential; whoever declares our authority, his blood, money and family will be safe. Each one of us can do what they want but our [ISIS] rule is the supreme. 

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