8:30 am 18/6/2014 Mosul:

8:30 am 18/6/2014 Mosul:

Good morning.

The few numbers of the armed men on the streets is striking. Around 3:10am, there was an air strike [by the Iraqi Army] which I believe to be at Al-Kindy. Since early morning, there is nothing out of the ordinary. Al-Twoba Council [Twoba means Repentance] is located at Al-Mufti mosque; the council gives a stamped paper to members of the police and army officers which ensures their safety after giving a repentance oath and securing their blood. Many police and army members have visited Al-Twoba Council. There is no truth to what some people have circulated, that smoking has been banned or forcing women to dress in a specific Islamic outfit. Wathiqat Al-Madina [The City’s Constitution] is criticized by the armed men themselves; one armed man said that they have not released this document [Wathiqat Al-Madina] and it contains radical and strict thinking that they don’t believe in. There is a man with oriental features with American background among the armed men.


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